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We are here to provide you the right tech solution and implementation for your digital platform.

Let’s Create and Innovate with Addicor Team.

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At Addicor we will let you interface with experienced leader of this field who can help you transform your digital journey.We have panel of experts who can guide you and help you to upscale your tech game in the right direction.


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The Industry Follows

  • Integrated


    Helping you in building your business with all the advanced tools and technologies is our no.1 priority and we club our services with the current market trends to provide you the right tech solutions.


  • Web & CMS Development

    Our team is capable of handling any level of projects. The range is limitless. We have team of experts who are competent enough to pick any project which covers basic CMS to advance level website development.Everything or Anything related to tech can be done here.

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  • Enterprise Mobility

    Our team is well versed with every tech stack which is prevailing in the market and is comfortable to help you as per your preference and business requirements. Our developers come with the expertise to develop your app in IOS, Android, Hybrid, Cross Platform, AWS or whatever you need.

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  • UI/UX Designing

    We not only build the platform but also add life to it by decorating it with impactful UI/UX story which resonate with your brand story. Our UI/UX designers can help you generate your visual identity accompanied with your brand story amongst your ideal customers

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  • E-Commerce Development

    Our team works with complete flexibility and perform in a dynamic manner to keep your business up to date as per the business trends and help your business grow better by adding the customization element resonating to your business.

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  • Resources Outsourcing

    We allow you to hire the best of our developers from our pool of experts. You can outsource the dedicated team for your project and can increase the pace of your development as you can enjoy all the attention from best of the developers we have on board.

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  • Digital Marketing

    We pursue the route of increasing efficiency of the business by giving the boost to its operations with the help of our digital marketing team which can help your dreams converted into reality.

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  • IOT & Cognitive

    Our approach is far opposite from Rigid, we treat each business a new use case and provide the best suited tech solutions which can help their business grow faster in terms of operations, marketing and functioning. We will only tie you to the solutions which are applicable to the projects.

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Addicor has the capability of developing customised block chain platform for you, which can serve the enterprise solution for your business. Our blockchain developers come with handful of experience in developing solutions for various industries.

We not only develop the tech but also provide the best solution for your business ensuring your daily progress and helping you compete in the market with seem less tech solution in your hand. We have best of the team on board to help you in upgrading your current tech system.




We are one of the leading companies in tech industries who believes in building business not only tech. Our developers our well experienced and trained to turn your requirements into actual business. We have developers who can build your frontend, backend and UI/UX designs.

We are comfortable with any tech stack you choose for your app. We will understand your requirement and will strategize it with the right tech solution in order to serve you with the flawless mobile application which can work in both IOS and Android.


Mobile App Solutions


Addicor holds an experience in building customised website for any business by adding personal touch to it. We can build website, Business app development, CMS development, Responsive website development.

We can help your business grow by making your website user intuitive and interactive. We offer full support in building your web app as we try to implement the requirements given by the client and provide the smooth working website which can help you open great avenues of your business.


Web Development


For any business to grow and make effective use of their tech it’s important to imbibe the tech with the right marketing strategy. It is important for any business to translate the vision of the company to the end consumer. This communication can only take place if your business will have right marketing strategy in hand. Blindly going in the market can lead to the failure of the product so it is important to pay due diligence while doing the research of the market.

Addicor offers you the best team of experienced marketers who can help you reach new heights in your business; we will provide you the end to end solution for your marketing and operations.


Digital Marketing



Addicor pays its due diligence in making the customer happy and satisfied with its services. We will never take a step back in helping our clients, we can go an extra mile for our clients in order to provide them the exact result they were trusting on us to get it.

Unrivaled Business Solutions

Addicor will always guide you to the best solution for your business. We capture the requirements and pair it with our tech experts on board. We keep our goodwill on stake in order to serve you with the utmost results which can optimize your business model.

On-Time Delivery

-Addicor understand and implement the concept of TIME IS KEY TO SUCCESS! We work for our clients and make sure to match their deadlines in the most appropriated way with the help of our tech partners. We focus on getting the things done on time and deliver the product in the promised schedule.

Result Oriented


Company India

Addicor consider transparent services and honest delivery of the project that is what makes us different than others. We value the vision of the company and furnish the end results by implementing right tech stack and strategies. We acknowledge and respect the dreams behind our client’s vision.

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We Build Steps Of YourSUCCESS Story

With RIGHT Experience

Taxi Booking App

We all are living in the world where everything is accessible in just a single click. Everything is online has made our life easier but In order to make things easier it has to go the route of apt tech and right tech team.

Addicor has a record of delivering top class products and launched the applications which are performing so well till now.Taxi booking app shown in the GIF at your right is one of the examples of what Addicor has embarked on when it comes to provide right quality product to the seller.All 3 Applications-Customer, seller and admin were built on both Android and IOS.

taxi booking app
addicor cab booking app
cab booking app

e-Scooter App

Applications which make your life easy and convenient are actually backed up by the most logical and complex tech stack and codes. It requires the right set of knowledge and understanding to cater the right deliverables to the client.

And we are not feeling any lesser than feeling proud of our team which has constantly work on the application to provide what the client has actually needed.We have built E-Scooter app which helps the user pick any scooter from the scooter hub and user has this ability to manage the complete function of the e-scooter from the application.

Addicor has decorated the application with the right UI/UX designs, which were very user intuitive and had the real time response rate to increase the satisfaction of the user experience.

scooter app addicor
scooter app
e-scooter app

Restaurant App

Addicor can be your one stop solution to build any e-commerce app, We have an experienced team which can build an application where people can order food and can get it delivered in a single go.The reference of the applications we have built in the past can be seen in the gif on your right. Addicor has successfully delivered such food application in the past.These applications are now live in the market and holds good user base for the same.

We have built all the three application for the restaurant App-It included your Seller app, Customer app and Admin app.We have had used the most advanced tech stack and helped the client fulfil all his business requirement through our development process.

restaurant app
food app

Educational App

Addicor has experience in creating application of any nature, type and scope. Pandemic has changed the habits of an individual to lead a life. Everything has turned digital and so is our education.

Education is a primary source of knowledge for the students and when it comes to building an Education application then tech has to be seamless, User intuitive and feasible to be used as it has to be used by the users.

Get your educational app build by the team Addicor, we are trained, skilled and experienced in living up to the expectation of the client.

We are well versed with the tech stacks to be used in such application, process involved and the end delivery which can be an effective utilisation of the complete team and end product can be as per your requirements.

educational app
learning app

Utility App

Addicor is your one step solution for building any application which would help your business grows widely. Utility applications are those applications which ease the daily routine of the users and Addicor has successfully replicated the actual meaning of it in its tech implementation.

We have built such applications in past and have never failed to give the utmost results to the clients. The app in your right has been built by the most skilled and talented developers of Addicor.

We assure you that Addicor can be your partner in building the trust, believe and right solution for your user.


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Our clients are our no. 1 priority and we always bring best of the services for them. We value their investment of time in us and that is why making most out of their investment in us. We are honest with them and that is why they have given back all the love and trust they have shown in us in the form of feedback and reviews.

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