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Press Release Branding

A press release is a branding plan for any company to grow and make it more visible to the audience in the market. Press release is a form of going out in the market so make sure you do it correct.

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Press Release Services

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A press release should be considered as a cumulative rebranding plan for your business which can help you gain the market existence and visibility in the market. Press release helps the business speak out its businesses idea in the market that too it reaches out to the mass number of people.

We have media list of industry-relevant journalists to whom we can reach out to for informing them about changes we are bringing in the business and can spread it out to the world through press release so it becomes super critical for a business to keep a track on these press release and it’s also important to make sure that right information with language is going out in the market and that is where Addicor can come handy.

Addicor will be your one step solution to take care of all the needs of related to media and press release. Choosing the right agency to do press release is important in order to make sure that you are portraying the right thing in the market and in a right way which should not Impact the overall image of the brand in the market.

  • Addicor feels proud while saying that we are one of the most trusted brand in the press release service in this Industry as we know what our clients desire and what they want to present it to the world.
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    Our experts can help them to understand how effective can be for their web based businesses like :-

    • Press Release
    • Content writing before the Release
    • Brainstorming for the content
    • Email Newsletters
    • Finding the right channel for the release
    • Cater it to the right audience
    • Promoting and Branding

Why Choose Addicor for The Press Release Services?

  • Addicor will let your content go viral and release it to different Mediums
  • Addicor will inspires your supporters to share your content with the help of Creating articles, tip sheets, photography and videos do a better job of persuading people to share your story and cause and releasing it through press.
  • Industry Professional Team to work dedicatedly for you
  • Communication transparency throughout the project timelines
  • 24*7 Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Brainstorming session with the clients
  • Guiding the client to choose the right set of medium for the press release
  • Send releases in any language
  • Reach journalists and media influencers
  • Cost-effective, affordable budget options
  • Get into the most important news databases and news wires

  • Addicor will help your brand reach thousands of people through one press release and help you grow overnight by transmitting your ideas to people through right medium.

  • Instant Exposure
  • Better SEO optimization
  • More effective business marketing
  • Higher sales potential