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Email Marketing

We enable you to walk on the road of services and products that are Fascinating and Innovative for Your Business.

You need one right email to get to the right user in your business. Email marketing can be worth a bet in case you want to keep your clients engaged in a cost effective manner.

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Creating Excellent Leads for Sales

Email marketing services Business Expansion

E-mail marketing is the Internet marketing method of generating sales leads for businesses that is the most effective. It is paramount for any business to do any bulk online marketing in order to keep you users engaged and up to date with all the relevant information about the business, like-new offers, sales, new features, new products or any other time.

Having email marketing consist of effective email list management, efficient distribution method, and the sensitive email layout and the content of the email itself. Sending an email is not the final step in fact it’s the initial step of the email marketing. Following up with the customers, meeting their requirements and keeping a check on the language of the content are the subsequent steps which you have to undertake while doing email marketing.

Our capabilities of Lead Generation are vital to any business ' success and it’s important to keep the communication live and active with the customers in order to not lose the track of communication channel with the customer.

    Email Marketing Services
  • Addicor has a team of experts on board who can be your right pick to handle your digital marketing like email marketing.
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  • Our Email Marketing Services

    We provide businesses a variety of email marketing solutions to help them strengthen their sales pitch.

    • Email Marketing
    • Email Strategies
    • Email Newsletter
    • Email Listing
    • Email Distribution
    • Regular Maintenance
    • Reply Email
    • Planning and implementing of the strategies
    Email marketing service providers will perform all the magic behind the scenes so that readers will not only accept your emails but also look forward to reading them. We use powerful analytics, which evaluate open levels and other metrics.

Why Choose Us for Your Email Marketing Campaign?

  • Industry experienced Developers having knowledge and skills for doing email marketing for your brand.
  • Full transparent process throughout the project.
  • Assurance of Quality and Timeliness in delivering the project.
  • Highly featured solutions to ensure Full Customer Satisfaction
  • 24*7 Maintenance and Support for your business and application.
  • Industry reputation for developing I Pad Apps in different classifications
  • View Sent Report by Date
  • Viewer Report
  • Attachment Facility
  • Email Id Database Also Available

  • We Got you! We are just a call away from you to help you with all your business hurdles and challenges and bring you the deserved success and growth.

  • Unlimited Validity
  • Bulk Email Software
  • Customized Campaigns
  • Transparent Analytics